Welcome to the High Art blog.

You are reading the first post on the new High Art blog. Welcome! 

As we expand our website and product lines we thought it was time to introduce a blog to talk about cannabis, ceramics, and art, through interviews with “high functioning” artists and other articles on the quickly growing cannabis world we find ourselves situated in.

Like it or not, normalization is coming to cannabis in the west. Here in Canada, we are fast approaching our October legalization date and our neighbours to the south, though still divided on the issue, are slowly legalizing state by state as well. What that means for cannabis is that a new market of previously skeptical users is emerging. On this topic there is a seemingly endless supply of articles exploring the wide ranging demographics who, surprisingly to some, consume cannabis. From lawyers and doctors to teachers and political figures, as weed finds its place ever prominently in the spotlight the caricature of the “stoner” has become greatly distorted.

Writing on the “normal” and high statured members of society using cannabis today, or high functioning potheads, litter the internet and while this expanding demographic of cannabis is very exciting to us at High Art, Richard and I are artists, and as such we are interested in art. So in our writings, interviews, and updates on the High Art blog we will be focusing on Art

Art and cannabis and the place these two things intersect, we think for people who are new to the cannabis, or curious about cannabis and its effects, this is a very interesting conversation to have. Sure, with legalization and normalization we’ll see everyone from police officers to tax collectors toking up, but we want to focus on the what may be, dare we say, the first demographic to support weed: artists, musicians, writers, the creative class. We’re interested in finding out why these people use the drug, what it does for them creatively, how they like to consume it, its benefits to art and the creative mind…there seems to be no end to this interesting conversation! 

Both drawings by Maude Deslauriers

A non smoker friend was asking how cannabis helped me creatively. Why is it different than just having a beer?  This question seemed easy enough to answer but in practise I found it difficult. Being an artist who has used cannabis to find ideas I want to use this blog to try to find out why cannabis has been so favoured by artists, and how it helps them with their work, or how some find its uses different than others.

We’ll explore these themes through interviews with artists, musicians, writers and creators who's art we think is important. We’ll also share articles illuminating the importance of this relationship between art and cannabis in an effort to explain some of the great benefits of the plant to consumers. And, of course, from time to time we’ll have a look at some of the products we are making as well as events and happenings in the High Art world. 

Today we’ve posted two more articles to christen the blog and we have more content on the way in the coming months. Sign up to our (new) mailing list and follow our Instagram for updates on new content and products on our site!

August 06, 2018 by Kristian North